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Sarah Stevens: Eternal Victory

Sarah Stevens, B&B Club co-founder and inspiration to many, made her eternal homecoming trip on December 23, 2012, joining her Father God and her daughter, Lygon.

In spite of a recurrance of breast caner in February 2012, Sarah lived each day expemplifying the organization that she founded with her husband Nick: Time To Live, Inc.

As a sister to all of us during our cancer journeys, Sarah demonstrated rock solid faith in Jesus, joy in each day, compassion for others and a supernatural understanding of the nearness of God, the reality of the unseen Kingdom of Heaven.

Cairns for the Climb - Markers for Us to Follow

We miss Sarah terribly as a dear friend, mentor and journey partner. We're thankful she left many markers -- so called "cairns for the climb" -- for each of us follow in our quest to know God better and to live fully in the present while knowing the reality of the unseen Kingdom of Heaven. Just as we know you will be enriched by reading Sarah's Faith Walkers testimony here on this web site, we are very glad to share with you other amazing markers that she left for us. These draw from the depth of spirit that she and her family have developed through their experiences from their children Nicklis and Lygon being caught in an avalanche on January 10, 2008, followed in September 2008 by Sarah's cancer diagnosis.

We encourage you to invest time into learning from Sarah's journey, walking with her through these powerful markers of the legacy she leaves:

These are thoughts that Sarah shared at a women's retreat in 2010. You can listen to the full message, but these closing words so captured the essence of what Sarah shared iwth us time and time again during our cancer journey and life journey. Thank you, Lord for sharing Sarah with us.

God can be great. He can be infinite. I hadn’t let Him be infinite before. His realm and our realm is just separated by such a thin, thin, thin veil. During those months there was an effacing of that veil.

He’s not “over there.” Scripture says the Kingdom of God is not over there that you have to say “there it is” or over here that you say, “here I’ve found it.” Where is it? It’s within you. The Kingdom of God is all around you.

That sense of an eternal presence, that sense of the unseen has to be so profound on us that when three months later I got that diagnosis of stage 3 breast cancer I stood up there and said, “It’s ok. It is ok. It’s ok because I might need to step over from what is seen to what is unseen. Or I might stay here in the seen. But it’s the same God and it is the same hand and I’ll stand on either side. I just want to encourage you that as you go about your days: See Him, stop and feel Him. Turn out the lights and feel his Presence and say, “God, it is ALL yours. The seen and the unseen.”

Sarah Carlisle Stevens


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