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Helain Steele - Victory Again!

Whenever I cry for help,

you hear me and deliver me

out of all my troubles.

Psalm 34:17

Bless the Lord O my soul

and all that is within me bless His Holy Name.

Bless the Lord O my soul

and forget not all His benefits.

He has forgiven all my sins,

He has healed all my diseases,

He has redeemed me from Hell,

He has crowned me with everlasting love and mercy

and shall satisfy me with good as long as I live.

Psalm 103:1-5

My Second Journey with Jesus

In September 2011, I was diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer. I had breast cancer in the right breast in 2010 which was removed. In February, 2011, I had a mammogram which was good; however, that spring I had some little pains in my breast but didn’t think it could be anything. Then during the summer I noted a small swelling under my right arm. Since I had lymph nodes removed there for testing I thought it might be related. I felt good, was hiking all summer and had lots of energy and didn’t think there could be a problem so I put off having it checked until my six month check up with my surgeon which was in August. He sent me for ultrasounds which led to biopsies and after a month of tests, the pathology report came back stage IV breast cancer.

My surgeon made an appointment for me immediately with an oncologist who gave me the bad news. The cancer was a fast spreading, very inflammatory type which was in the left breast, in the lymph nodes under both arms and traveling up the neck. By this time it had also started into the skin as blotches were appearing on my chest. My oncologist sent me for blood tests, a heart exam and a PET scan was scheduled for the following Monday.

I sent prayer requests to friends that I know are serious about prayer. On Sunday, I went to Brother Mel’s church, All Nations, to have him pray deliverance over me. He cast out a spirit of “death by cancer.”

On Monday I had the PET scan while singing healing praise choruses throughout. On Tuesday I met with the elders of the church to pray for me and proceeded on to my appointment with my oncologist. She had better news. The cancer had not spread to any organs or the bones. All of my organs were functioning in the perfection to which God created them to function and she said I had the heart of an 18 year old. I began chemotherapy the next day. I went through 18 weeks of chemotherapy with no side effects, did not take anything for nausea, never got sick, didn’t lose my hair, went snowshoeing and felt fine throughout. During the chemo sessions, I listened to CDs friends gave me with healing scriptures. Although one of the drugs they administered was designed to kill fast growing cells, my blood count stayed up throughout. One friend was praying specifically for this. My immune system stayed up throughout.

In early January, I had another PET scan. It came back “complete and total remission.” I am awed at the graciousness of God!

It was recommended that I continue with treatment to prevent reoccurrence. Feb 14, Valentine’s Day, I had a mastectomy. Didn’t need a pain pill after surgery. In March, I began very aggressive radiation of my entire chest and neck. With overlapping fields I lost a lot of skin. It was the most difficult treatment for me but the skin has grown back and as the nurse told me when it started pealing, “It will be like a really good microderm abrasion.”

I had another PET scan in late July. When my oncologist gave me the results, she said, “Your PET scans are beautiful!” God is good and greatly to be praised!

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