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Our Mission

Faith Walkers began from one woman's desire to honor and support several friends battling cancer and to contribute to the cure of the disease that killed her 12-year-old sister. Jana Johnson chose "Faith Walkers" as the name for her Susan G. Komen Foundation Breast Cancer 3-Day Walk team. She envisioned reaching out to others throughout the three days, sharing her faith and the testimonies of her friends currently dealing with cancer. With God's stirring, Faith Walkers has grown into an outreach beyond the 3-Day Walk -- an outreach to women facing cancer or any trial that's more than they can handle alone.

Ever since experiencing the loss of her sister to cancer, Jana Johnson has wanted to make a difference in the lives of people who are dealing with this disease. She was so inspired by her sister's deep faith in Jesus throughout four years of chemo, radiation, surgeries -- during this time struggling to learn how to walk all over again several times, losing her hair, losing time. Her tenacity that far exceeded her 12 years. Her sense of humor lit her beautiful green eyes and her smile shone a mile around her. God's love poured from every part of her!

Through her position as Good Samaritan Ministry Coordinator at Resurrection Fellowship ("Rez") in Loveland, Colorado, Jana was touched by the number of women facing cancer. "I love these ladies and I love the Lord! I find that same faith, that same tenacity, that same love for Jesus in the women on this website that my sister showed. I cannot wait for your lives and hearts to be touched and changed by them too!"

Jana Johnson's Vision

My vision for this walk and this website is to breathe the Word of Jesus into the lives of women who are struggling with cancer or perhaps even other trials in their lives.

So often we receive counsel from sources who do not understand the truth and power of God. If we aren't careful, we'll hear only their voices and fail to hear God's -- causing us to walk through trials without His guidance and support. 

In hearing the stories of each of these ladies and witnessing their unshakable faith in God (and their understanding and belief of who God really is), I realized the power of each of their testimonies and what they have experienced. Because the journeys they share here are so true to our Savior, I believe lives can and will changed by sharing their stories with you.

I want to share the hope of Jesus to all who will listen and I feel this is a wonderful way to share His hope and encouragement to a group of women and to our community, who otherwise would be walking this challenging journey in the shadow of the world instead of in the light of His love!

The Song Playing on This Page

This song is "Let It Be You In Me" written by Jorie and Matt Henderson. It comes from Jorie's CD, "Songs of Deliverance" © 2008 Jorie Henderson. You can learn more about Jorie by visiting Her music is available for purchase on iTunes ( and on cdbaby (

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