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Lynda Carlson

“We all have a path to walk and no one knows what that will include.

We have choices on how we handle those tough times, and I have found such a peace knowing that if I get out of the way, God can work in amazing ways.”

My Life B.C.

I am a 61 year old wife of a wonderful man for 39 years, a mom of 4 amazing sons, and grandma of 7 super grandkids with one more due in December.

My life has had many hickups that families endure, including a head injuired son at age 5. Each dish of hard times has made me stronger than the incident before. Yes, there were times when you don't think you can do this anymore, but down deep God gives you strength to go on one more day, one more year. God gives us little things or benefits each and every day and when you look back you see one big God working in your life.

I lost Mom and Dad 19 days apart in May 2008. But the day my husband and I collided as I walked by him from the shower was the beginning of a battle I never thought would happen to me. The next day I saw my left breast was black and blue and there was a small hematoma. A couple of weeks later, still feeling discomfort, I realized the hematoma had grown - very fast. I called my doctor and went through all the tests and a biopsy.

My Diagnosis

 It was Wednesday before Thanksgiving that the phone call confirmed I had a very fast growing breast cancer. Twenty-seven people were coming for dinner the next day, and after I shed a tear with a friend. I felt the peace of God that I could do this too.

I found myself becoming the encourager to all the people that came, that called, that told me that they were praying for me. The power of God was so strong and I was amazed that this was my reaction. I knew the strength God had given me in the past, but looking back at all the little benefits God had given me from last May until this day, definitely confirmed that God was in control. He was setting me up to walk through a year with a peace only He could give.

I didn't go through all the normal steps you read about when you hear the word cancer. God had given me the assurance that no matter what -- I was going to win. 

My Healing Journey

The joy I found in encouraging others was medicine to my body beyond my wildest dreams. They say your attitude is 50% of the battle, but this was too easy. To see a smile come on the face of a fellow chemo neighbor and hear them say that they felt better compared to when they came in, was such an encouragement to me. To see a friend feel better at the end of a phone call because of encouraging words that came so easily, was as much amazing to me as to them. The Bible says that God gives us strength in times of need. Was this what he has for us? Is it really so easy?

My Cancer Results:

My cancer was still there after 15 chemo sessions with one more to go. This wasn't what I had envisioned. I remember saying to God that He would have to come through on this one because I knew it was supposed to be GONE.

On my last chemo/doctor day, my doctor looked at me and said “Well, today we can't measure anything because your tumor is all gone!"

Would I have been more disappointed had it not happened?

My joy was surprisingly contained because I expect this all alongI All I could think was "PRAISE THE LORD!" An MRI and surgery confirmed everything was crystal clear, only the "clear" God's hand can give.

I am in my 6th week of radiation for preventive measure even though I'm cancer free. I have had 10 months of being tired, but never sick. My journey has been eye opening, but never discouraging. God is amazing and only when we praise Him does He becomes BIG. It's so much better than keeping our eyes on our sickness and watching it become big!

We do have choices as we walk our path in life. I encourage you to seek the God who helps beyond our wildest dreams. If your want to talk, I'd love to encourage you as you go through your journey. You can write me at I am so blessed to share my journey with you.

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